back in town

You’re back in town after a holiday to Bali. You came home laden with gifts for everyone – something we usually raise a few eyebrows at… what will we get this time? Over the years I’ve collected many pairs of glitzy earrings from you, even though I don’t have pierced ears. But we all smile and laugh and on we go. Usually I can’t bear to throw them out, and will often find your bits and bobs in various boxes around my house.

I arrived at Mum’s on the weekend for a family get together. You handed me a bag with presents. A gorgeous pair of floral flowing pants for me – and two matching pairs for my daughters. (And the third season of a teen drama series for my husband… haha) No earrings! And no flashy beaded bracelets or gaudy necklaces.

Thank you. You’re always full of surprises.



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