a coffee

You rang me at work today, “Hello,” you said, “I’m around the corner, would you like to come and have a coffee with me? Uh.. I’m not meant to be at work today and I don’t really know what is going on.”

You recently got a new job at a(nother) coffee shop, very conveniently located within walking distance from my office. You have been routinely arriving an hour before your shift begins, but your new boss assures me it is not a problem. Right on cue – it was 10.34am – you don’t start until 11.30am. But on this particular day, you weren’t on the roster as your boss thought you were still on holidays. Hence, the phone call.

I left my desk and walked down to meet you and figure out what was going on. I found you sipping a cappuccino outside under a white umbrella. I spoke to your boss and she explained you would be on the roster next week. She felt terrible you’d travelled all the way on the train to come to work, but there was nothing much she could do as she genuinely didn’t need you that day.

You took it all in your stride, you’d called me, Dad, and one of our other sisters and had us all lined up to have coffees with you one after the other rather than get on the train and go back home again.

I love your initiative, Em.

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